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I am so grateful to call Tacoma home. My in-depth love of homes began in 2011, where I worked with a high-end design/build company in Santa Barbara, CA. In Santa Barbara, I mastered the building process and the work needed behind the scenes to create a home. Flash forward to 2015, my husband and I flipped our lives upside down and started a new path in Tacoma, WA. I know the challenges of relocating and offer value and comfort in the process of settling into a new home and city. My background in competitive and collegiate sports has laid the foundation for an incredible work ethic and the power of teamwork. I’m a sucker for old craftsman style homes. To recharge, I enjoy running and hiking with my family, and soaking in all the beauty of the PNW. I also love hosting dinner parties at our house and building deep friendships. I’m a type two (The Helper) on the Enneagram and my drive and heart is to help you with all your real estate dreams!


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June 15, 2020

January 15, 2020

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